Self Adhesive Wall Plant Holder

Guide your climbing plants in a nice and decorative way.
Organize them upright by using a Self Adhesive Wall Plant Holder.

Self Adhesive Wall Plant Holder is made of quality environmentally
friendly ABS resin material, Strong adsorption, no longer worries
about falling off. 
The fixed clip knob is designed
to be easy to use and firm.

Just stick it on the wall, no mark left after removing it.
Self Adhesive Wall Plant Holder effectively saves the indoor space
to make the home tidy and beautiful or used to fix
the direction of indoor wires, with more space.

Self Adhesive Wall Plant Holder is designed with a 
freely adjustable clip knob, which is adjustable, easy to unlock and reuse.
straightening up the vines to make their branches look neat,
 also makes their vines straighter.

Suitable homes and offices can be applied to various cables,
various climbing plants
so that they are placed according to our
planned shape and direction.

Suitable for a variety of smooth walls surfaces such as tiles,
marble, stainless steel, glass, and other smooth walls.

Materials:Resin, ABS
Color: White, Green
Size: S, M, L
QTY: 50PCS, 100PCS

50x Self-Adhesive Wall Plant Holder, or
100x Self-Adhesive Wall Plant Holder