Buying Online

How do I buy personalized photo jewelry?

Please visit our personalized photo jewelry website page, and choose your favorite photo jewelry. Upload the picture from your computer or cell phone to the required field on our website, and adjust the image to the right position. Confirm the design of your personalized photo necklace and to follow the checkout procedure. We recommend selecting a light and clear picture, less than 1.5M in JPG or PNG format.


I cannot checkout

1. Check for any out of stock items in your shopping cart, these must be removed prior to checkout.
2. Are all the required fields completed, including shipping address and shipping method?
3. Check your browser or try using another one, make sure your clock settings are accurate.
Still can’t checkout? Contact Customer Service Representatives via live chat or Submit a Ticket for assistance.


I’m having trouble uploading photos.

First, check for pop-up messages that might identify the issue. If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, try using a different browser. If you are using a mobile phone, please make sure the network is stable enough to upload a picture. Our system does not recognize PDF files. PDF’s will need to be converted to either a JPG or PNG file. If neither of these options work, try using another photo. If you are still unable to upload, please contact Customer Service Representatives.


I cannot add items to my cart

First, check to see whether this item is out of stock or if there are any minimum purchase requirements on the item. Also, ensure all required fields were completed.

If you cannot add items to your shopping cart, it is likely due to one of the following:
Item is out of stock
Minimum purchase limit has not been met
Required fields missing information
Website or network problems.


How do I buy personalized Name Necklace?

It's very easy.
- Please visit our website, and choose your favorite name necklace by clicking on the image or the "Design Your Own" button.
- Follow the steps to "Enter Name or text" in the required field on our website.
- Preview your name necklace design, and then add your name necklace to shopping cart and you can proceed to checkout.
For your name necklace size, weight, and length, please refer to the product's details.