About Products

Can I receive a catalogue?

We do not offer catalogues. Our products are available to view online only. The products supplied on our website are the most current ones, and it is easy to scan through the categories for your favorite charms.


Silver Maintenance Tips:

_ Polish your silver jewelry regularly using non-abrasive soft cleaning cloth, or with lukewarm water, gently brush it clean and then rinse it in clean water.

_ To remove caked-on dirt, let it soak for 10 minutes in lukewarm, soapy water, gently brush it clean, then rinse in clean water. For a shinier surface, polish with a cloth and cleaning solution.

_ Do not expose jewelry to chemicals. Silver is detailed through oxidation. Exposure to harsh chemicals can alter the appearance of your NameNecklace products. These chemicals include, but are not limited to, Liquid Silver Polish, Pools, Hot Tubs, and Spas. Oxidized silver and pearls are easily damaged.

_ When not using your jewelry, avoid exposing it to direct sunlight as well as harsh substances like chlorine. Store them in a cool, dry place, a zip-lock bag, or an individual cloth pouch to help prevent both tarnishing and scratching.


Are all items made from pure silver or gold?

Pure silver and gold is usually too soft for jewelry, prone to scratching and wear. It is therefore alloyed (mixed with other metals) to improve its durability, and make the gold more affordable and also makes different colour combinations possible. Sterling silver is the world’s most popular silver alloy. NameNecklace jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver, uses 14k yellow or rose gold plating and coating on select 925 sterling silver pieces giving them an attractive finish.

What is 925 sterling silver?

To make silver durable enough for use in jewelry, pure silver, which has a .999 (99.9%) purity, is often alloyed with small quantities of copper (7.5%). The copper is added to strengthen the silver, and the resulting product is referred to as .925 sterling silver (92.5%).


Product Materials?

NameNecklace Jewelry are made from high quality materials, including 925 Sterling Silver, 14K Gold, Rose Gold, or Swarovski Crystals. Please refer to the product information on the product detail page to get the specific material composition, or contact Customer Service Representatives with the item number (SKU), and we will be happy to provide the item’s specifications.