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Potatoes are fun to grow. They only need 4 or 5 hours sunlight, you can obtain a reasonable plant from a bucket sized pot (1-- 2 kg/ 2-- 4 pounds), and, if you have children, you will certainly have excellent fun harvesting them with each other!



What type of pot?

Potatoes do well in bags-- bags permanently are suitable-- as you can roll up the sides as they grow. But any type of pot that is pail dimension or larger will do (simply check it has drain openings).


What type of potato?

" First Early" and also "2nd Early" potatoes (as gardeners call them) are best in tiny rooms as they grow fastest (generally prepared in 10-- 12 weeks after growing). They will likewise give you tasty brand-new potatoes, that preference impressive newly chosen.

However it is additionally feasible to grow Key Crop potatoes They will certainly need larger pots (preferably 40 litres or more) and also will certainly take longer to grow (around 15 weeks or even more).


How to grow potatoes?

1.Include 8-- 10 inches (20-- 30cm) of potting mix to the bottom of your pot. Potatoes are not as well fussy as well as will generally grow ok in old potting mix as long as you include fertiliser (a handful of blood fish and bone or various other general function fertilizer will certainly get the job done).

2.Place your seed potatoes on top (one seed potato in a bucket, two or three in a large bag permanently, 4 in a 50 litre container), then cover them with an additional 6 inches (15cm) of compost.

3.Put them in a warm area. They need at the very least 4 hours sun-- the much more the much better. Then water once to make certain the potting mix perspires.

4.Water as needed in the coming days to maintain the dirt moist (but not as well wet-- or the seed potato can rot). Environment-friendly shoots will usually show up after three to four weeks.

5.When your potato plants are about a foot tall, roll the bag up about six inches as well as cover up with potting mix. Keep doing this every couple of weeks until the bag is entirely unrolled.

6.Roll up the side of the bag and also top up with potting mix as the potatoes grow.

7. As the potato grows larger, examine more frequently for watering. Child potatoes might only need watering one or two times a week, however fully grown potatoes (when the leaves allow and also bushy) can need watering once, also two times a day, particularly in warm or gusty weather condition.


When to harvest?

Blooming is one indicator that your potato may be all set for harvest. Yet the only sure method to tell is to put your hand right into the dirt, search around a bit, and also tweeze out a potato! If the potato has gotten to a suitable dimension, it prepares, if not, leave for a week or 2 longer. If your potato hasn't flowered after twelve weeks-- inspect anyway.

The small blossoms on this potato (in the foreground, not the plant behind!) are indication it may be ready for collecting.
The tiny flowers on this potato (in the foreground-- hard to see-- not the plant with great deals of yellow flowers behind!) are an indication it may be ready for harvesting.

How to gather potatoes

The easiest way is to tip the entire bag out and undergo the garden compost to discover the potatoes. (Kids enjoy this!).

Your turn
I would certainly enjoy to hear your suggestions for growing potatoes in containers in the comments-- and any kind of selections that you specifically such as to grow?

Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee