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Yes. If you have a sunny window or some grow lights, you can grow potatoes indoors year-round! If you have a Potato Grow Planter PE Container Bag, a glass of water, and soil, you've got everything you need to grow potatoes indoors. Potatoes are a wonderful source of nutrients and can be stored for long periods of time after harvesting.

Potting mix or garden soil, with added manure. Potatoes being a root crop don't need too much soil when they are forming potatoes, but initially to get the plant to shoot up with leaves, adding fertilizer will certainly help.This one would be perfect 

About Potato Grow Bags

This fabric is sturdy enough to stand on its own when opened up, even without dirt in it - and of course, when you add the dirt even sturdier.

 I'd suggest having at least 4 bags setup. More would be better. If you end up with lots of spuds, you can always share them.

Yes, these grow bags suitable for any kind of Rhizome plant. And the flap and window design can help you in the harvest.

 At a guess. the large one would weigh roughly 12kg when full of soil, the smaller one about 8kg. 2 people could easily lift them.